Mind Blowing Ways Jazz Will Make You a Better Lover

Yes, it’s true, jazz can improve your performance in the sack.

Taken straight from Merriam Webster the definition of jazz:

American music developed especially from ragtime and blues and characterized by propulsive syncopated rhythms, polyphonic ensemble playing, varying degrees of improvisation, and often deliberate distortions of pitch and timbre.

Dissect this definition a bit and you will find in yourself the perfect lover.


A lover is a song. Every day that song can be slightly different, just like jazz.

Let’s talk syncopation. Syncopation is basically accenting the unaccented beats. This is a hard concept to understand for non-musicians. If you pull back on what is obvious in love making(the driving beat), and go for the unexpected approach(the unaccented beat), then you might just hit the sweet syncopation spot. If you go for the obvious all the time, well then that’s what is expected. Boring! The song becomes predictable & mundane = same ole’sex, same ole’ song and dance.

I’m not suggesting any dainty syncopation here. The real thing is propulsive syncopation, which basically means power to the unaccented beat. Voila!

Now the polyphony part is presense of more than one voice, each with its own melody, but in harmony. Can you dig it?

Isn’t it beautiful if you think about how similar love making is to jazz? Aren’t you intrigued?  Lovers-lovers-16603963-500-363

So, varying degrees of improvisation. Right!? I mean of course you must always have improvisation in love making. Who wants to be on her back every time she gets laid? Enough said, Lovers, please, improvise! Jazz has plenty of improvisation, and the most exquisite music is often never repeated, just remembered for years to come. A moment is magical if you make it so, just like jazz, just like love making at its finest.

Now throw in a little distortion, and you will definitely get some pitch and timbre. Got it?

So forget about sex therapy. Who needs it? Fire your shrink, pick up a jazz record, go see some live jazz! Do some dissecting. Get into all the detailed parts in your jazz listening and apply your new skills while you’re having sex. You will see and feel how clearly jazz has made you a better lover.

Here are a few albums I can get you started with:

So many more to name, but these should get you all started. Now go get your jazz on!


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