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Do you like dangerously tempting hot chicks that can sing? If you do, check out the Siren lady. 

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Fact one, she can sing so well that guys can’t resist her. Fact two, a guy will risk everything in order to hear her sing. If you dive into it, you will find that sailors forged the rough seas while following the soothing Siren voice. Unfortunately, she would lead them to a bunch of jagged rocks and the outcome wasn’t so great. Ouch. Fact three, the worst that that she can do to you is ignore you. Ha!

Art Drama Tragedy = Siren
Siren Sound. Why did I choose this name for my blog? One of my fans once said, I am a “Siren songstress.” My knowledge of Greek mythology is not stellar; I assumed he meant a fire truck or ambulance siren. So was this a compliment or not? Clearly it was, because the guy comes to my shows and is super supportive of me to this day. You know who you are… My dear friend, educated me on the story of the Sirens in Greek mythology. From there, I was fascinated and enchanted by the notion that perhaps I myself am labeled as such.

What would the world be without labels <sigh>?

Dig it: Sirens are recognized throughout Greek mythology (Homer’s Odyssey) , Christianity (the Bible) and folk lore.

I fell in love with this mythological creature that is half bird, half woman, and carries a lyre around, which is a miniature harp. Pretty cool, right?So I thought this will be a great title for my blog: Siren Sound. Sounding off on creativity!The world of art and the minds that create it fascinate me. I truly believe without art part of you dies or is not yet alive. In my humble opinion, art sustains life.Follow me like a Siren! I promise you a sweet song, and—unlike the traditional Siren—I will steer you away from the jagged rocks.Thanks for reading my first blog post, and I look forward to this journey together.Now back to the woodshed!


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